Little Nazi Girl

I’m an inmate of a concentration camp. A little 9 year old Aryan girl in Nazi uniform is being particularly cruel and sadistic to some other inmates. When an older Nazi lady shows up and compromises her authority, the little girl says she is only pretending to be cruel and ’never really believed any of that Nazi bullshit’. As punishment, she is butchered. Her arms and legs are amputated and her head is decapitated. Later I find the discarded torso wrapped up in white sheets. It’s still alive, but just barely. I resuscitate it and secretly keep it living. The hideous lump of flesh reminds me of a plucked Christmas turkey. I find a way of communicating with the living remains of the little girl and do my best to comfort and nurture her while continuing to survive in the harsh concentration camp. She/it serves as a distraction and companion from the realities of the hell I am trapped in.