Brazilian Village

A news team consisting of a cameraman and a microphone wielding reporter, sent out to a rural region of Brazil, are covering the story of an impoverished village which has been flooded. They see families standing around in scattered groups, waist deep in calm brown waters. The people all have tanned, leathery skin and an impassive, vacant aura about them. A young woman, at first partly hidden behind the sparse foliage of a short tree rising up out of the water, stands clutching an infant. A lone man, shirtless and desperate to feed his family, wrestles with a giant anaconda, almost downing as he splashes below the surface each time it rolls. After a prolonged struggle, using all his might to subdue and strangle the flailing beast, the futility of his efforts becomes apparent. There is no dry land on which to build a fire to cook the flesh of his vanquished prey.