Little Nazi Girl

I’m an inmate of a concentration camp. A little 9 year old Aryan girl in Nazi uniform is being particularly cruel and sadistic to some other inmates. When an older Nazi lady shows up and compromises her authority, the little girl says she is only pretending to be cruel and ’never really believed any of that Nazi bullshit’. As punishment, she is butchered. Her arms and legs are amputated and her head is decapitated. Later I find the discarded torso wrapped up in white sheets. It’s still alive, but just barely. I resuscitate it and secretly keep it living. The hideous lump of flesh reminds me of a plucked Christmas turkey. I find a way of communicating with the living remains of the little girl and do my best to comfort and nurture her while continuing to survive in the harsh concentration camp. She/it serves as a distraction and companion from the realities of the hell I am trapped in.

Brazilian Village

A news team consisting of a cameraman and a microphone wielding reporter, sent out to a rural region of Brazil, are covering the story of an impoverished village which has been flooded. They see families standing around in scattered groups, waist deep in calm brown waters. The people all have tanned, leathery skin and an impassive, vacant aura about them. A young woman, at first partly hidden behind the sparse foliage of a short tree rising up out of the water, stands clutching an infant. A lone man, shirtless and desperate to feed his family, wrestles with a giant anaconda, almost downing as he splashes below the surface each time it rolls. After a prolonged struggle, using all his might to subdue and strangle the flailing beast, the futility of his efforts becomes apparent. There is no dry land on which to build a fire to cook the flesh of his vanquished prey.


A young movie star and his friends, cruising around in his flying car, witness a blinding flash of light on the horizon over a metropolitan city. Then a mushroom cloud. When the dust cloud disperses they fly towards where the metropolis once stood, but there are no survivors in the aftermath. Amongst the ruins all they find is a hologram, programmed to be a fat, talkative plumber, intent on mending leaking pipes, completely oblivious that it is standing at ground zero of a nuclear strike.


My police officer friend and I are being chased up a flight of stairs in an apartment block by a beautiful female android. The android is on an out of control rampage. I am in love with the android and hope to bring it under control without having to erase its AI. We confiscate a remote control from one of the tenants who hasn’t paid his TV license, pressing every single button at random until the android is deactivated. I sit down on the steps watching a tele-screen embedded into its stomach, using the remote to channel surf past boring channels, while pondering what I should do next. The signal is weak and the images on the screen are hard to make out.